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Actually I have not moved on my decision yet, partly due to the holidays and somewhat to indecision. My whole motive is be firmly in one camp and not divided between newer Nikon and an older Canon system which I also own.

My preference is for needle displays, and I can get around the synch speed. Battery turnoff is also always a pain to me. But what is the battery needs of the FE, and what are the weak points of the camera mechanical wise?

The FE uses a pair of the ever-common and cheap MS76 or LR44 battery. Power consumption is very low. I measure battery life in years rather than hours. As far as mechanical weak points, I've not had problems, but there is one component that can fail/crack over time. It's called the FRE resistor, it's underneath the ISO dial. There aren't any replacements available new, so if it fails you have to salvage one from another FE body.