Yesterday I went there. It was so quiet. I only saw a father who was in the chapel. About 20 minutes later, he left from there. I set up my 8x10 and made 2 BW images. Then I went down to the park place to take my 4x5 camera up the third floor again. I made 2 color negaives. Unfortunately, the lights were all on. The meter told me that there were 11 zones in the chapel. So I did not think I could use my slide film.
As I mentioned, in order to see the texture of the lamp shades, the lights hopefully were not on. Several years ago, I went there and photograph the chapel without the lights on. I used old version of tmax film. The exposure time was close to 20 minutes because of reciprocity.
Here I showed you the two images. One demonstrated the lights were on and the other were off.
Yong-ran Zhu