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Dear Apug Members,

The ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology ULF announcement for North American customers is at :



Any reason you will not be offering 4x10 film as part of this program? Surely, there are more 4x10 shooters out there than 5x12, 6.5x8.5, 7x11, etc. Those are all wonderful formats, but few, if any, cameras are being made in those sizes these days. There are at least four brands of 4x10 cameras currently on the market (with possibly another one showing up in 2006). 4x10 holders are more readily available new (and for a lot less money) than the other "non-standard" formats. So, why no 4x10 Ilford film? Ilford used to offer FP4+ and HP5+ in 4x10 as standard catalog items. I know I can cut down my own from 8x10 (I could also cut down my own 7x17 from 14x17), but I'd much rather buy it pre-cut to save time and reduce dust problems.