Lex: " From my viewpoint “postmodernism” has certainly upset the apple cart, but I’d say it’s anti-elitism is very evident."
A philosophy teacher of mine once said, "Are the tolerant, tolerant of the intolerant?" Likewise, there is no group more "elite" than the post-modernists. Just try having a discussion with them. Their "anti-elitism" is non-existent, despite whatever fine words they may put on it. Ask Robert Kennedy, who, unfortunately, must encounter them every day he is in school.

Lex: "The Impressionists, Fauves and other movements that have become common currency in the beautiful art market have created something of a backlash, a demand for the less than beautiful and even the deliberately ugly.

Understanding this paradox is among the most vital of all undertakings for any artist."

Really? I always thought the most vital, in fact, the only vital, undertaking for an artist was to make her or his art. Silly me.