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So I'm reading and searching and feel a little silly but have to ask point blank: Are the centerweighted and spot meters of the Nikon F6 normal 18% grey meters, or are they something more like the Matrix meter, which does all of the exposure compensation for the photographer? Thanks in advance.

The Nikon actually has three metering modes (at least in the F5): spot, center weighted and matrix metering, that you can switch between at will. The spot and center work just like you expect them to, while the matrix metering mode takes into account its internal database of images, coupled with the distance from the subject (if you are using a "D" lens) to determine exposure. I use the Matrix meter all the time, rarely using the others; it is that good. BTW, you can custom set the center weighted meter to, I believe, change from a 12 to 18. Note: I haven't used the F6, and this is all based on the F5. I doubt much has changed in the meter.