Most certainly.

I enjoy the creation and process entirely. Simply put. I enjoy the journey of observation, attempting to make a creation (negative) and interpretation (printing).

Like others, most of my work is private but an occasional compliment from somebody I know is appreciated. More important to me is that a casual observer enjoys my prints than to have a critique from skilled photographers. I am not in this as a competition but rather from the simple pleasure of creating beautiful or perhaps intriguing prints. I like to think that beautiful or interesting prints are easily appreciated by most people and do not require a skilled and trained photographic eye to evaluate the value of such a print. ... Sorta like "the Emperor's new clothes syndrome".

I have always believed that I do not need to be educated or instructed on what is art and what is not art. I trust my own eyes and and what I like to view. I will leave the exotic art and wild interpretation to those that have a desire to do this.

Kind Regards,