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My son sent me this link. It describes a process entirely unknown to me, although I've certainly heard of and seen Autochromes. The thing is, I now have to entirely reimagine the turn of the previous century...I thought the world was completely monochromatic at that time. ;-)

Autochrome was the third (chronologically) additive plate colour transparency process to be marketed. J. Joly's (1st 1895) McDonough's(2nd 1896). Both acheived little sucess due to the difficulty of making the plates- high reject rate. Although the first Autochrome s were obviously glass plates, the materials became available in sheet film and roll film, Alticolor roll film/ Filmcolor sheet film.10 ASA. Both lasted until 1958.Processing was B/W reversal.I have processing sequences dating from 1908 although the processing sequence changed little during the lifetime of the process.Can give more information if interested.