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Don't hold your breath - good advice.

The color negative Vision2 100T 5212/7212 motion picture films are currently available in long rolls for:


I'm tempted to pick up a 100 foot roll of the 35mm and try it out in my Contax RTS-II with the long roll back. I know that FotoKem will process it for me and make a single light work print.
Presumably if this represents a real breakthrough and if adaptation to 35mm stills photography is straightforward as would appear to be the case from your forthcoming try-out then you'd think that Kodak would launch it very soon to gain the edge on Fuji.

If so then great news for 35mm colour neg users. Kodak has lost me to Fuji and I can't be alone so getting ex-kodakers back into the fold would be its objective. I would have thought this must represent a fair slice of the business.