I just called Kaali in Canoga park (LA area, SO Cal-off Aggie's list) and they will do a ten case purchase, 25 sheets of 32x40 per case, Bainbridge ArtcareŽ Alphamat 4 ply for $6.26 per sheet.

That seems pretty good. One case only would be $7.00 per sheet.
He said delivery is possible (not sure if free or not) for the ten case order (I'm an hour away) but would have to pay s&h for one case orders.

At $11.00 per sheet at Aaron Brothers where I usually go, that's 40% off.
So for me, I may do this.

If anyone is interest in a ten case order, please pm me...I know it only saves about $19 per case...but every little bit helps...