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Yes, I think you are correct about the Vision2 technology probably being limited to color and chromogenic films.

BTW the 2 electron effect is an interaction between a fragmentable electron-donor compound and the sensitizing dyes (I'm wondering if this electron-donor compound is there as a grain dopant or as another emulsion layer?)
Tom, it is a grain dopant as I understand it. It is added with the sensitzing dye when the grain is sensitized to the proper region of the visible spectrum.

There are a host of 'supersensitizers' in use today that perform some of this same function by other means and not as effectively. There are several chapters on this general topic in Mees and James.

This topic may be discussed at the ICIS in Rochester in May. The key name in this to research is Annabel Muenter. You will probably find some information under her name, as well as some done in France on a similar track but quite different chemically. The latter work was done at a university IIRC, and was done in cooperation with Agfa. It was never commercialized.

The 2 electron sensitization should work with color or B&W films as long as they are spectrally sensitized.