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And Robert...the bearer of bad news! lol I 'thought' that 2521 looked real short in length to fit the motor base. The 2551 is way too big for me, I rarely need to dev. that many sheets and waste alot of chemistry. Although maybe, one could use only one reel and enough chemistry for one reel in the 2551?? You know by chance Robert if that'd work??
You can use :

1 4x5 reel
2 4x5 reels
1 4x5 reel and one roll film reel set for 120/220
1 4x5 reel and I think two roll film reels set for 35mm.

The only thing is you'll always need to use at least 560ml of solution with only sheet film in the tank. Or 640ml if you've got 35mm in the tank. Be it one sheet of 4x5 of the six rolls of 120 film the tank will hold.