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As long as we are talking about coated lenses and typical shooting apertures I would just go for the cleanest lens. Most classic Rolleis are heading for 40+ years old, so condition is a bigger variable than ever. I have used Rolleis with Planars, Tessars, Xenars, etc. over the years. All are great. Technique, tripod use, straight equipment and careful development are the real-world determinants of sharpness. If you are looking for simplicity, durability, portability, etc., then any clean postwar Rollei TLR should bring a smile to your face. If you are looking for monster blowups with shattering clarity, then a clean current Hassy w/Planar has better odds of meeting your needs. Basically, a 1999 Mercedes is more likely to perform well on a cross-country trip than a 1962 Rolls. Just one opinion!
I've owned a few Rollei cameras and I make up to 20x20 black and white prints and I found my Rollei 3.5 F with a 6 element Planar has done the best job I've ever used in MF. Of course the camera is in great shape and I've had Harry Fleenor make any repairs including a Maxwell screen and focus adjustment. I was quire surprised to get these results having shot 4x5 for many years. I found best performance at F 5.6 or 8. I did own a fine 2.8 F but actually preferred that look of the 3.5.
Good luck.