I use 24 ounce spaghetti jars for developer (Dektol) & TF4. Use 6 ounces of TF4 to a full jar. Use 8 ounces for a jar of dektol and fill with water.

With PMK it is not necessary to to the post-soak in depleted developer. It does enhance stain, but will contribute to overall stain, not image stain. This extra stain will cause a net reduction in contrast. This weekend I developed two sheets of film, one with PMK and one with ABC pyro. The wall I shot had rock and mortar in it. Most evident was the mortar joints. In the PMK print, the white mortar was murky, in the ABC print it was white. Just a note of caution. Do not do the 2 minute afterbath in PMK, it won't help.

Main thing with PMK is to use all alkaline chemistry.