I have a bit of a different attitude towards my stuff. Odviously if an image or concept does not work I toss it and move on but the stuff that does have an opportunity to succeed I work and re-work and even overwork until I learn as much about the idea as I can. Every image has its own life and by growing with the image the idea develops its own momentum. The idea can be a lot of different things other than just the final image. Style of light, type of set or time of day. They all have a role to play in creating the solution for finding the images balance. All the tools we use help but where growth for me least happens is when I can look at an image and understand what I learned from it. To be successful that learned element needs to become an instinct or an automatic response so that I have the freedom of mind leaving mental room to find the next set of goals.
Sounds like a load of crap I know but this is how I view your current dilema. It is an opportunity!