In addition to 4x10, I'm about to start dabbling in 7x17. Just today, I traded a lens to a friend for two 7x17 film holders and a box of 7x17 HP5+, I now have some lenses, film, holders and half a camera (I'm "building" my own 7x17 based on an ARCA-SWISS monorail - similar to my 4x10, but super-sized) for 7x17. All I need now is a 7x17 back and bellows and I'll be in business. I'd really like to standardize on one black and white film for both 4x10 and 7x17. Since I have the HP5+ in 7x17 I'm going to give it a try, but I think I may actually prefer FP4+ (I shot FP4 years ago in 11x14 and really liked it). It does seem ironic that I will be able to get both these Ilford films in 7x17, but not 4x10 - especially since they were once standard catalog items in the 4x10 size.

Besides Steve and I, are there any other 4x10 shooters out there who would like to see Ilford add the 4x10 size to this production run?