Hi all,

So I brought the Nikon, and I brought the C220. A couple of lens and 40 rolls of film. I drove the upper ninth, and I drove the lower ninth. I talked to my sister (who runs a free health clinic in Algiers, bless her soul), and took a few shots there of the tremendous work being done by volunteers. I, just for the life of me, can't get out of the car and shoot the absolute destruction of New Orleans. Perhaps this is why I am not a professional photographer, but even if I don't use these potential images for profit (which I wouldn't), I can't get over the feeling of using and abusing the misfortune of others for any use, including my own documentation of hell on earth.

BTW - When we left the lower ninth, I had a really stiff drink. The cameras alone cannot describe the devastation I witnessed in that once lively city.

BTW - BTW - Gulfport Mississippi made N.O. look like heaven.

Any thoughts? I will be back in N.O. on Monday.

tim in Mobile AL (temp)