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Location + camera != photojournalism

Purpose + camera == photojournalism

If you find the purpose, you will shoot. If not, find another way to help!
Wow, this is indeed a pearl of wisdom! Bravo!

Being a person deeply interested in history, I have seen photos (as most of you have) of things that make hurricane Katrina look like strong breeze: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Oswiecim, Dachau (or any one of those places for that matter), my native Warsaw - the list goes on (and on, and on - please forgive the glaring omissions, this is just an example). I can certainly understand how hard it would be to take the photos - but I am very glad and thankful that someone did. And as thankful as I am, I hope future generations will heed the lessons the images contain. I know that a force of nature (such as a hurricane) is different than the things that human beings do to each other (although there is much of that in the aftermath of the hurricanes, unfortunately!), but like in all monumental events, good or bad, there is something to teach the future generations contained in these situations. I will stop here, as I am at a loss to put it any more perfectly than the above quote!