I still shoot two formats, 35mm and medium format but have to say that I am much happier with medium format and find myself shooting more MF. As far as change and progress I too have not settled on one genre but have been focusing on people and portraits for the most part. My compositions and printing continue to improve. I have experimented with some alternative processes (Lith and bleach back) with a fairly good level of success. I continue to put efforts into improving on exposures and negative quality and they have improved. I don't believe that there is a destination but that photography and making art is a never ending journey and I am enjoying it learning new things every day. I also believe that it is important to reflect back on one's work to get a good perspective on progress. My work has sold more this year than in past years which is great but I don't consider it a measure of success. I have to like the photographs for me to consider them a success.