I'm thinking about the same thing recently. I start taking pictures 5 years ago, most of them were color film, and not that often. For the past two years, I took a lot of B&W films and start to develop them by myself and love to do it. I still don't have an enlarger yet, but I will have one in near future. As far as lens goes, I use more and more 35mm and 50mm now. I still shoot some slides now and then, not much. I was drowning to B&W, don't know why I like it so much and don't want to find out.

I am in the process of getting my 4X5 system ready, very excited.

That's all I am sure of so far. I think I made some progress as far as technique goes, but I am very confused with my style and subject, don't know what exactly I want to shoot and how to see a subject. In a nut shell, I am confused.