I was 17yrs old, and it was a high school photography class. We did a standard portrait shoot with some hot lights as the first photo. I remember stumbling through the film processing thinking surely nothing will turn out. The film turned out fine. Then it was off to the closet/darkroom. The darkroom could only fit 3 people. After watching the teacher make a few prints it was my turn. I put in the neg, focused, made a test strip. We came up with a rough exposure and went with it. I'll never forget the image and the way it fully appeared in the developer. I was absolutely hooked at that very moment, it was such an exhilarating thing! I have a horrible long term memory, but that memory is one of the few that really stands out in my life. I even remember the girl I photographed was Nancy. Ask me anyone else's name in that class and I couldn't tell you. Do you remember your first print? Would love to hear about it.