Thank y'all.

A lot of good thoughts in there. Perhaps the most important is the realization that what I shoot is for me, and the need isn't there. The reality as you wander through Point Zero is hell enough to enbed upon the consciouness, it need not be recorded for me. And no one else would be privy to my work.

"Originally Posted by bjorke
Location + camera != photojournalism

Purpose + camera == photojournalism

So well said. The difference between photojournalism and voyeurism perhaps? As one med tech advised me as I was discussing wandering through the 9the Ward, "Don't be a tourist." There is a difference.

I suspect when I go back to N.O. next week, I may shoot a bit more on the work my sister and her group of amazingly idealistic young volunteers are doing.

All take care and have a happy and safe New Years.

tim in Mobile AL