Have read a bit in the other thread "Pyro and FP4" and saw the mention of the stain, etc.

A while back I bought a 'Pyro' kit and I mixed it up the other day and used it last night on a roll of... wait for it... FP4+ (35mm)

Now I don't know what I was expecting, but the negs look pretty normal to me! My analysis so far is from viewing the wet negs hanging up to dry so I'll do a closer inspection tonight, but do they normally look 'normal'?

The 'Pyro' kit I bought had me mix the various chemicals into a Part A and Part B (only one chemical went into this bit) then to mix 1:1:4 to get the working solution. Development time was listed as approx 6-8mins... I decided on 7! It's labeled as manufactured 'Photochem' and the literature looks like it's actually a local company (here in Melb). I notice in the other thread mentions of ratios like 1:1:100 which are a lot different to the one mine recommended (and I used and it worked.. so I don't think it's a misprint!)

I actually shot the same scene and exposure sequence 4 times and have developed the others in Ilford LC29, XTOL 1:1 (made from a 1lt pkt I was given) and Rodinal 1:50 so will be comparing the 'pyro' negs closely to the others when I get to making some contacts and prints. That will be another topic...

So, just to repeat the actual question here... do 'pyro' negs actually look pretty normal?