I find that moving up to 8 X 10 has ben a trying experience .
I love it jet i am not used to it and I hope I get there ,the logistics are so diferent not to mention economicsfrom 6X7 or 4x5.
I find that I am more ntersted in making abstracts or abstract compositions
I want to push the space and dimention on the print tours the viewer
ans so far I find I have much to work on , Idid resive a welcome coment this year that was rather satisfying to me Gordon (Mark) said Your work is more about the subject than what a seen in some time and Richard Sullivan told me I do not like lower pictures but your are o.k. witch I take a a great complement.
The Apis 2005 was lots of fun and it was great to meet so many wonderful people and to have them apreciate your work ( sorry but print look better on hand) any how I hope I can keep working and getting closer to my goals
thanks guys