OK folks... here is some info from the VPC for March/April 2006.
March 1 - 31 there is an exhibit of the work of Frank Ward; Christine Pratt and Geoff Bluh.
April 1st & 2nd I take down the show, patch, touch-up paint the walls and start hanging the WNELFP large format exhibit (who the Hades set this schedule?!!).
April 5 - May 5 is the Western New England Large Format Photography exhibit. The reception for this exhibit has not been set as of yet.
So the weekend of April 1 & 2 would not be a good time to schedule an event at the VPC.
John... bring the kids. If they get a little antsy, you can slip out and go to the Quadrangle/Museums to see the sulptures of the Dr. Suess characters, providing the weather cooperates.