I’ve met and talked to many people who in varying ways had things to say about “postmodernism” and in my turn agreed or disagreed with them. But so far I have not had anyone come up to me and say “Hi, I’m a Post-Modernist.” I’ve also met a few people who choose to cloak their opinion in absolutes, barricading themselves within a self-justified fortress of that opinion. After a while, I just smile politely and go on my way.

I would suggest that “beauty is truth, truth beauty”, the Five Words Too Many is a mystification, but never the less their intention is to point to that which is beyond language, beyond Philosophy. As Ludwig Wittgenstein has said “It will often prove useful in philosophy to say to ourselves: naming something is like attaching a label to a thing.” So I would suggest that the Five Words is a label attached to something beyond the world of appearances by trying to name that thing. Wittgenstein also said “Where one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. I think this is pretty important because it implies that we ground ourselves in the world of appearances by a constant conversation with our selves (self and subject), but it is silence that I think is the most important element here. Within this silence all sorts of magical things can and do happen including great art, but at this point I would prefer not to call it Art.