I have an Olympus 35SP that I bought at a car-boot sale recently. It has become my 1st repair project and i have taken the top off and cleaned out the viewfinder, and also replaced all the light seals - I've impressed myself at how successful this has been!!

My only problem is that there is a fair amount of fungus in the lens. I dont feel confident enough in taking the lens off and apart to clean it myself, so was wondering if anyone could recommend a reliable (and cheap!!) camera repairer in the UK and also an idea of the possible cost. I have done some enquiries, all of which have quoted me a standard price for taking on the job, they will then get back to me with the full cost for the job once they have had a look. Obviously I would want to have a good idea of the full cost, before committing to pay the initial one (still 40 ish).

Can anyone help?