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"Tourists" are the real disasters especially when they show up expecting to rely on others for food, water, and places to stay in times of emergency.

I've seen some ripping the relief packages open and grabbing blankets for themselves at night without asking for permisson, I've kicked them out of the camps.

What's worse is when the victims are in shock and cannot really comprehend their situations, some news reporters just show up at their places for their interviews but say something very inconsiderate up front: "Oh my god, your house is gone! But are you okay now?"

If these reporters have enough time to put makeup to look good in front of their cameras, you know they can perhaps do other things...
Ok, well let's be honest here. N.O. is not a city where you are going to wander upon someone clinging to a roof, calling for help and you have a choice, shoot the picture or help someone out. You are not going to wander into a situation where you can steal someone's MRE or space blanket for your own comfort. There is life in N.O. There is a strong sense of rebuilding the life that was there before, only better. To find the absolute hell in N.O., you need to go look for it.

What is on display (is that the right context?) is the pain of people wandering on back and finding their houses either gone or not enough left to consider rebuilding. What do they do? Go back to where they were relocated to and build a new life or look at the house they lived in and say... "I'm from N.O. and that's where i am going to stay".

Another issue in N.O. is the absolute lack of heath care. This is where my sister and her group of volunteers comes in. Free clinics have sprung up all over the city. Situated in barely damaged homes, community centers, churches and mosques, they are making the difference in the lives of people still in the city.

So the question is... Do I shoot dead buildings, sad people staring at their homes, photos of people hauling refridgerators out to the curb, or do I go shoot pictures of people helping out, building a new clinic, counselling others, rebuilding the infrastructure of a fine US institution?

I think I know the answer for me.

tim in Mobile Al