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So the question is... Do I shoot dead buildings, sad people staring at their homes, photos of people hauling refridgerators out to the curb, or do I go shoot pictures of people helping out, building a new clinic, counselling others, rebuilding the infrastructure of a fine US institution?

I think I know the answer for me.

tim in Mobile Al
Good luck with your decison. But whatever you do, just try not to get caught in an emotional trap. But if you do get caught, just give yourself a break and come back later.

PTSD could drag for years, so you wouldn't want to make any casual visit to the scene. It's something you wouldn't know until sometime later.

The reconstruction part, without any doublt takes many years, and you cannot realy tell what the surviving local residents will do to choose and/or where they will end up. It's undeniably a long-term project to begin with.