I recently purchased a used minilab setup to use in my photography business and now I'm on the market for a control negative. I've worked on a couple different minilabs before for different companies and they've each had a different way of setting up the machine. One used a control negative that had a shot of a lady holding a grey card. The negative was used to make two different prints by the machine, one being a correct exposure and one being a bit darker. Another company had just a simple shot of a grey card that they would run a print off of every morning and the routine that followed mirrored the other lab- use the densitometer on it, run another print through and so forth until the desired density was set.

My print processor is a Fuji SFA model and it was recommended that I purhcase a control negative from a company called Aperion. Here is the write-up on it:

"Your Fuji SFA machine will run its best if you correctly set the negative density storage with the True Balance 2 SFA printer control negative. This single negative strip is exposed in the sequence the machine requests super-over, over, normal, under. This negative is recommended by Fuji for all SFA machines."

Okay, my question being this. Because I have yet to fire the machine up and go through the setup I don't know what I need... Should I buy this negative or is it something that I can make? What does "super-over" mean? Is it just a strip with four exposures of a grey card on it, the first being two stops over exposed, the second one stop over exposed, a correct exposure and a frame that is one shot underexposed? I'd like to save myseft the $50-60 on a peice of film if possible. That just seems like a lot of money!