Christmas 1945, after WWII, received a large package by mail from my Uncle. I was determined to open it first, disregarding my parent's encouragement to open their smaller package. The large package contained three small trays and some yellow packs called Kodak Tri-packs, and a rather large metal box with an internal light bulb and a glass top. I was rather disappointed and confused. Then I opened the smaller box - an Ansco box camera + film.

First exposures were the Christmas tree and presents and other family stuff. Development was done by see-sawing the Kodak Verichrome ortho film through the chemicals in the trays under a very dim red lamp.

The first print - ever - on Azo paper was terrible over exposed (read black). Next few were ok - blurred, over/under exposed et c. but I was as happy as the first day of summer vacation, as well as my parents, because now they would not have to let me "play" with their old Kodak Tourist folder (which was stolen by movers in 1993.

My first enlargement was on a still life I made for the high school annual. Got a prize for it. I'll try a scan and post in my personal gallery.

Truly, dr bob.