"what I would find extremely useful would be some kind of visual reference as to what to expect and the differences to non-Pyro negs. This would be the groundings of a great APUG article. Any takers?


What more is there to say than has not already been said in terms of visual reference?

1. Negatives developed in traditional developers are *usually* perfectly neutral in color and will measure the same in all color modes of a densitometer. But I have seen some negatives developed in traditional developers that have some stain.

2. Negatives developed in Pyro developers vary greatly in terms of both the intensity of the stain and its color, and there are great variations among different films in both areas. The intensity of the stain can be very slight, as with ABC Pyro, which *usually* look virtually the same as negatives processed in traditional developers, to very green or very yellowish-green, as in *usually* the case with PMK and Rollo Pyro, or quite brown, as we *usually* see with Pyrocat-HD. These are the general characteristics but I have seen negatives developed in ABC Pyro that were heavily stained with a green color and I have seen PMK and Rollo Pyro negatives that were very brown or orange, and I have seen Pyrocat-HD negatives that were very green. The alkalinity of the processing and wash water can also affect the intensity and color of the stain, and who knows but what the phase of the Moon may not also influence the outcome.

So many variables. Just print your negatives and evaluate the results. If you like the results you did well. If not, wait for the full moon and things may change.

Sandy King