I have been shooting a Contax 167MT for ages. I am very happy with the camera but... If I shoot at a wide aperture, then I get nasty hexagonal highlights all over the place with my 50mm Planar. A typical case: shooting a portrait in front of summer trees. The subject is sharp but the whole dang photo is ruined by little out-of-focus hexagonal doppelgangers sprinkled throughout the background. This is not flare - it is cancer of the bokeh.

I am finally willing to entertain alternatives. Are there Contax C/Y lenses with circular apertures? Say, the 40mm Tessar? I would be willing to give up resolving power in exchange for banishing the hexes. If not Contax, are there any modern lenses with circular apertures, for any 35mm system?

Hex devils do not plague my early Contax RF lenses. Surely there is a solution for a modern SLR!

Sign me,

Vexed by Hexes