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Lee, I presume you're referring to the fact I'll have to reset the timer for each exposure, but given I'm split filtering, I'd have to do that anyway for the blue and yellow filter exposures -- and I've been led to understand that the little Time-o-Lites that do reset are *not* suitable for cold lights, due to low rated contacts. Sure, what I'd like to have is a head with blue and green LEDs and separate timers for the two (then I could use Time-o-Lites, because the LEDs draw only a few hundred milliamps at the 125 V supply level), which would also eliminate filtering and such... Maybe in 2007...

you asked a question and I gave you an answer and judging from the others above here, my answer was ok. I have used Time o lites in the past also with aristo heads. Sorry you did not like my answer.