I looked at Vanbar's site and it looks as though the only Photochem (their own brand) developer incorporating pyrogallol is ABC pyro. This is traditionally three part, not two part, but is sometimes used two part. It is probably not the ideal pyrogallol developer for these times.

I have made up PMK using chemicals from Vanbar and it works well, although my stain is not as green as some have described (although I must admit to having endless arguments with my wife about the description of wall paint colours)

I agree with the above post about aging part A.

I have also made up Pyrocat-HD from chemicals from Vanbar and my first impressions of the negs are also promising. This is, of course, made of pyrocatechol (a.k.a. catechol, pyrocatechin). The stain is less coloured, but is still browner than the normal grey from conventional developers.