Two approaches to look at: negative->interpositive->internegative

Here are some links:

Or a one-step direct negative by reversal:

I have seen prints from negatives made by all four methods, and they look great. I have a feeling that a learning curve will be involved in any of the methods, so don't expect immediate gratification. But these methods will actually work.

I'm reluctant to mention this on APUG, but the lazy man's method that i have used very successfully is the scan/adjust/imagesetter neg output route ala Dan Burkholder. That said, I find it works best with a HUGE digital input file form a large format drum scan, and can sort of fall flat with small negatives. The thing is, I just like real, honest grain when I print small negs, and the diginegs give me this fakey looking psuedo-grain. So I am gearing up to use a modified Stuart Melvin approach for my small camera negs that I want to print in platinum. I'll let the forum know if I have any great insights or noticeable successes. Any failures will be buried and will never be mentioned in polite company again.