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Because the digital thing is getting so huge, my local pro lab has been losing major business. Because of this they have jacked up prices on film processing (smart move idiots, give people another reason to switch to digital). I just paid $13 to have a roll of 135-36 Velvia processed only! What a rip off. C41 is $9 just for processing. I remember when it was a third of that price. Anyways, I was wondering how much more cost effective it would be to develop color at home. Can it be done in the kitchen with a Paterson tank? Or do I have to invest in a Jobo system and/or some sort of temperature controlled water system? What are the fumes like? Is it just too dangerous to do at home? I love developing B&W and would never trust anyone with my film again. Would color film benefit quality-wise from hand developing?

I'm just looking for an option to the local overpriced lab.
B&H sels the Kodak C-41 1 galon kit for $ 40 US. You can at least process 10 films so it's $ 4 US per film. I have the small Jobo processor CPE-2 and it works fine to develop color films. You have to take in count that color chemicals don't last to long. To avoid color shift problems I only use these chemicals for as long as a week, then I discard them.