A few weeks back I had the opportunity to handle a number of the 6x6 SLR options, new and old. I had just returned a rented Hasselblad 503 (w/o the motorized winder) and wanted to know how the "others" felt. A local dealer with a good supply of new and used cameras let me fiddle with the following: Bronica SQ? (newest version), Rollei SL66, Rollei 6003, Bronica GS1 (OK, so it's a 6x7) and a Hassy 203FE ($13K !!). To my hand the plain old Hassy 500/501/503 "felt" the best. Each of the others had bits and pieces that either protruded and didn't fit my hands nicely or were awkward in other ways. (I'm left handed and maybe that figures into things ergonomically...)

Before you plunk down the money, do try to handle the real thing to see whether YOU like the way it feels.

If you aren't comfortable with it, you might end up leaving it behind and grabbing something else...

(for the sort of things I like to shoot, a plain jane Hassy 50X will suit me just fine - now the find the $$)