Chris, when I bought my Hasselblad I went through the same desicion so I will relate what made me choose the Hasselblad. Like you I was looking at the Rollei 6008i or the hasselblad 501CM with various lenses. At the time ( I dont know the current situation) the lenses were made by Zeiss for both companies, so I expected to pay premium for lenses either way, but as I researched the prices for lenses I found out that the good lenses in Rollei were far more expensive than the blad, which were already very expensive. So that was a check mark for the Hasselblad.

Then I compared the bodies, a similar body for the hasselblad that had all the features of the Rollei was at least twice as much as the Rollei body, check for Rollei. But the one thing I did not like is that if your Rollei battery dies, you are SOL. Yes, the Rollei body is wonderful with all kinds of gizmos and wistles, but then they are no good if you have a dead battery. So really although it was a check for Rollei on the body, the Hasselblad got a half check for functionality without a battery.

Then I checked availability, parts and repair. Here Hasselblad wins hands down. You can find a Hasselblad dealer, repairman and parts just about anywhere, not so for Rollei. Hell if you have an emergency and need a lens, just go to the nearest hospital or court house and yell in the lobby "who has a Hasselblad?" and you will see 30 doctors or lawyers raise their hands...

The best example is E bay, check their auctions for Hasselblad as opposed to Rollei and you will see the great difference in things available.

In the end I settled for the Hasselblad with 3 lenses. Spent a lot of money, but I think it was the best desicion I have made for purchasing photo equipment. I know this camera will last me until I can no linger use it, and the pics...well, them lenses are an extraordinary thing...shame Hassleblad no longer puts Zeiss lenses in their cameras.