Hi there - new to this forum having only found it after my late discovery of the demise of agfa.

I'm now desperately searching for either backstock of agfa optima 120mm 400 iso film or recommendations of a closely matching film. I'm in the middle of a long-term project during which I've shot ONLY agfa optima film and have grown to love its color saturation, sharpness, and consistancy.

The last time I shot something other than Agfa (probably about 8 years ago), it was Kodak and printing (I print all my own work) was a nightmare because every roll had a different tone to it (one roll would be greenish, one reddish) - even when they came from the same batch of film.

So, anybody know anything? Where can I find some backstock? OR what can I use this weekend on a shoot I have planned that will meet the color saturation and consistancy of agfa?

Thanks for your help... This whole thing is a big headache!

(Brief intro: I'm a fine art photographer/traditional photography holdout. I still use film and I hand print all my color prints myself. My "big" project currently is carnivals with side projects of nature, kids rides, and self portraits. You can see my work if you're interested at www.thefunmachinephotography.com)