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I got no objections to gr82bart joining in...any concerns over one more?

ksiti, PM me your address and I will send it to everyone else, assuming I do not hear concerns.

No more additions after 12:00 GMT tonight- otherwise, I won't be able to get them printed before my vacation starts.
If there are no objections, Dianna ("dianna" on apug) has asked me to toss her hat into the ring. Will analog lab-produced (but RC, though) prints be suitable for the exchange as long as they're shot with a "toy" (Holga, in this case)? Our own darkroom probably won't be in service for several more months.

What are the specifics of the exchange? I'm guessing that everyone will receive a PM and/or E-Mail with the name, apug ID, E-Mail address and postal address of each participant, and that by a certain drop-dead date, each participant must send a print of an image taken with a toy camera to all the other participants. Am I close? May all the prints a given member sends be the same image, or should each of the participants she sends to get a different image?