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Great cyanotypes! I have done some and they can be a bit trick. Especially to get "the right look". Whcih you have done very well here. Great job.
Thanks Robert. It really was a lucky first try. I have made a number of them since and have been trying to make enlarged negatives. I am about to go digital on that - I found some good templates (Dan Burkholder)- now I need some special ink jet neg material from Pictorico. I may have to buy a new printer. After doing the interpositive thing and spending several days and wasting lots of money in materials in the darkroom - I think it will be photoshop for enlarged negs. Cyanotype is very nice - it is the cheapest and easiest of all alt processes. I recommend using peroxide in the wash - it really makes the blues go dark. It has great contrast and a sharp look that is hard to beat. I think Kaalitype is my next favorite - it seems much denser and quicker than Van Dyke brown. I have meterials to do aubumum and will try that soon as well. I also have some amidol and AZO on the way. My enlarger is not getting much work these days - I have been looking at all the good artilcals on light sources - I may have to build one of those too. - I don't know when I'll have time to work!