I thought it was time to do an intro on myself so here goes. I am 54 years old and have been taking photos for over 45 years. Mostly as a hobby till I moved to New Mexico at which point I started doing it and trying to sell photos. Thus trying to become a non hobby photographer.
Right now I have three working cameras, a Mamayia CA22 with three different lenes, an old Yashica ranger finder, and a Richo 35mm. Not the pro stuff yet but it does get me through the tough cold winters. I had a digital Nikon 950 till my wifes puppy decided I needed it outside one day and brought it to me and about every ten steps she'd just drop it then pick it up again till she got to me. Yes the dog is still alive but only because it is so ugly she is cute.

In the next few months I am hoping to buy a better 2 1/4 and either make a 4x5 and or an 8x10 camera. Back in the elate 60's for a high school graduation present my folks had given me a short class with Ansel Adams and I got really hooked on large format work. After a short stint touring the planet I got my first 4x5 cherry wood camera in 1987 lasted me till about 1960 when I went small (oh well went stupid I guess) now 40 years later I am doing what I like both as a profession and vocation and just plain fun.