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When spooling the film onto a plastic reel.
.... since my finger has to go on the emulsion side. Before hanging the negatives I use my fingers to pull off excess water, as some others here do. My question is, is this also ok before developing, or am I asking for problems.
What kind of plastic reel are you using, specifically?

Are you loading the film inside out, with the emulsion side facing *away* from the center spool?

When I load, the film goes on normally, emulsion side *in*, so that any scratches that do occur are on the backing - still a problem, but less than damage to the emulsion itself.

I've used both JOBO and Patterson tanks. I really like the ball-and-ramp feature of the Patterson reels, but I nearly always develop film in the JOBO processor, so the need for JOBO reels and tanks.

I would avoid trying to remove excess water with fingers. One (1) drop of Edwal LFN, a wetting agent, added to the last wash will minimize water spots, and I would strongly suggest a squeegee built for that purpose, and then sparingly, before air drying.

Hmm ... "Is this also Ok before developing" ...? I don't quite understand ... are you trying to remove water from a pre-soak before developing?