Hasselblad is a good choice. I get my lenses rebuilt every few years at Associated Camera Repair in Portland OR. 1-877-278-8244. If you want any questions answered about availability for parts etc or which bodies and lenses to shy away from, ask him.


The reason I mentioned the silver lenses is that there have been bulletins sent around that Hasselblad is running out of parts for these lenses. I certainly didn't mean to offend your old aging silver lenses. I don't want to be accused of silver discrimination. I also didn't say it wasn't a good lens, as I've had a set of 3. I was just saying that if buying it used , number one, is is quite old, and number two, they are supposedly running out of parts.

Boy you Canadians are so militant. By the way, the only reason the Flames are now doing well is with the old retreads the Sharks sent you. So say thank you.

Michael McBlane