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I have an AGFA isolette L which is able to shoot 6x6 and 6x3 (60mmx30-32mm). For those who want to know more about it: it uses a mask attached to the camera, has a viewfinder correction, double exposure prevention and even has a light meter (which works on my example).
Is that a factory job? I've seen (pictures of) a couple of the older bakelite-top Isolettes that could do both 6x6 and 6x4.5, with three windows (one in center for 6x6, two on the 6x9 track for 6x4.5, since 120 didn't reliably have 16-on framing tracks when those came out) -- but I've never seen or heard of an Isolette that could do narrower frames. It'd be an easy conversion, as such things go; masks that pivot on the pin rollers and store in the film compartments, and a little rotating mask in the viewfinder, plus a second window at the takeup edge of the frame gate. It wasn't particularly uncommon to see cameras converted to conserve film in the years just after WWII.