"At my level, there just isn't enough difference to outweight the work involved. "

There really isn't much difference in the work. A bit longer in the developer, wash times are of course different but since you indicate you do like the difference perhaps it would be worth it.

Of course I grew up using fiber and so it second nature for me. In fact I still only use graded fiber. We do recommend RC for beginning students but most of the intermediate and advance people move quickly to fiber.

With regard to your question about galleries etc. and RC prints. I am not aware of any galleries that would encourage and even show RC prints. Not in the end of the world, anyway.

Toning can be different. The shades of the toners will vary with the type of paper and developer used. IMHO fiber does everything better. But then I am an old traditionist.

Just place the prints under something heavy and leave them until you get around taking the next step. I just stick my under a dry mount press for ??? sometimes weeks. But then not every one has that option. Haven't tried ironing yet, but why not. Drymounting is also an "ironing method" (in a manner of speaking), In fact when I was a kid we did dry mount prints (small ) using an iron .

Ed; I saw that method for drying somewhere ages ago. Reminds me of any old fashion roll up blotter book.