Thanks for the suggestions, they seem like good ones.

And as to the inability to process k14 / k14 at home, I'm certainly aware of it. Between the temperature control, the re-exposure steps involving perfectly filtered red, blue and white light, and the couplers, I realized that it was probably unlikely. I'm sure its possible, perhaps with careful control and the use of chromogenic toners for the couplers (actually, I recall reading an article about chromogenic toning on the Pure Silver List about a year back, which, IIRC, was posted by Gerald ...) Though the word "impractical" comes to mind.

Anyway, I'll see about processing it as a B&W negative. And, by the way, does K-12 have the Rem-Jet backing? I certainly don't want to goo my developing tank up with the Rem-jet paste by accident.