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Alternatively, if you don't shoot enough non-bulk film to supply yourself, you can get empties from the local 1-hour photofinisher. (Some will be weird things taken from single-use cameras, which can be interesting.) To reload these cartridges, rather than attach the film to the spool, you've got to attach your film to the stub of film that sticks out of the cartridge. Use cellophane tape to cover the entire area of attachment, on both sides.
So you can just go into your local film lab and ask for the empties and they'll give them to? I know my college photo club does that but I didn't know anyone could do that. Amazing that they don't freak at a request to take their garbage. I'll have to try that myself.

And of course, cracking the DX code is necessary, especially if you want 25 ISO cartridges (easy convert from a 200)