Well, I was going to wait until I returned from Poland but the tide must be taken at the flood. Based on the notion that some folks may already be tied up with the broader Toy Camera Print Exchange, I propose the following structure for the Diana Print Exchange.

1. Sign up by January 31, 2006. Please PM me to sign up. Include your mailing address of course. I can be away from the computer for extended periods, so patience is essential.

2. Participants will mail their images by Feb 28, 2006.

3. This will be an individual exchange. By this I mean that after everyone has signed up, I will match each participant with one exchange partner. The participant and the assigned partner will exchange one print each.

3a. Since I will be matching folks up after the signup deadline has come and gone, you will not receive your partner's mailing address until after January 31.

4. Hardware. (Oh that.) Just on whim, the prints are limited to images captured through the lens of a Diana or clone. At risk of being indelicate, it must be said that a Holga is a Holga, and therefore not a Diana or clone. Everything else is up to you.

5. Now to the heart of the matter. How to match the partners? Here's how it will work. Along with your contact info, let me know one of your favorite books or poems or pieces of music. If you want to include a few words about it, so much the better. Based on your selection and/or thoughts, I will match the partners.

How does this sound? If anything is missing let me know and I will try to address it. This is a first time for me so there will surely be loose ends.

I'm looking forward to the outcome.

jon koss