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I am excited to be headed for a week if shooting in Scotland later this month with the plan to roam the western coast, Skye and perhaps ferry to Harris/Lewis in the outer Hebrides. I have been in contact with Trevor (Yerbury) who lives outside Edinburgh who says he may come over for a meet and perhaps a day of shooting. Anyone else who might live in the area that might be interested in having a Scotland APUG day? Although I have not yet booked, I am planning to base for 1-3 days at The Skye Picture House, http://www.skyepicturehouse.co.uk/ run by Steve and Gill Terry. That may be a good place if so. I will be in-country from the 17th to the 25th with the stay on Skye most likely around the weekend of 20-22nd.

Also, it has been almost 25 years since I've had the pleasure of a visit to Scotland and, although I have a pretty good idea of where I want to return, I was hoping for any suggestions from those who know the area. I cover a LOT of ground at times while working.

Oh yes... I've heard about the snowy weather. I can only hope! I live in Michigan and am quite used to the stuff.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Hi Bill,

have a great time in scotland! I read in an earlier thread that also plan a trip to iceland to this year!? I'm an iceland fan. may I ask when you plan to visit iceland? winter, spring, summer? and what regions you prefer?